The first book of a new series by R. S. Hudson

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Book one, the beginning, in his own words


Left in an alley like a bag of soup with the missive “Last Warning” scrawled across my forehead is not how I envisioned my day ending up when I made a quick trip to restock my libations. Stir in a blond woman with the face of an angel and the voice of a New Jersey tollbooth operator wearing a pair of sleek, black Manolos pumps and this is where typical ends.

What does the next generation of toys, the Russian mafia and billions of dollars hanging in the balance have to do with a sleepy little surf town like Ventura California? I don’t know either but now that I’m immersed in their world of lies, betrayal and murder the question becomes clear…will I become prey or predator in this quandary?

Do you think this sounds over the top? I’d would have had to agree with you until I lived it. Who I was when this started and who I am when I came out the other side is why I have to tell you my story…in my own words.

                        --Mac Macallan, Private Investigator